If I get a job through SynerTech, how long will it last?

Your tenure will depend entirely on the position you’re seeking and will be client-specific. Contract positions tend to generally run a year plus. Contract-to-hire positions put you on the path to a permanent career with the client company and Direct Hire positions are just that – you’re directly hired by the client company.

What kind of pay and benefits can SynerTech consultants expect?

SynerTech offers a highly competitive pay and a benefits package. Pay is based on experience level as well as the position within the client company.

How do I become a consultant

Consultants are independent contractors, not employees of one specific company. People choose to become consultants for many reasons – the desire for a flexible schedule, wanting to be your own boss, ambition to share your skills with a variety of organizations, opportunity to gain valuable exposure to new technologies, and more.

If you’ve decided that consulting is a good step for you, choose a niche that best matches your experience – IT consulting is too broad if you’re trying to attract attention for your talents. Web-based UI, Java developer and Scrum Master, for example, are much more specific descriptions of what you can provide to client companies.

If you’ve got a degree, certification or specialized training, highlight that to help make yourself stand out.

If you have an industry on which you’d like to focus, such as healthcare or retail, try to focus your search within those parameters so you can become a specialist.

SynerTech connects you with outstanding, top-tier client companies who are searching specifically for your talents. We provide benefits, top dollar compensation for highly desirable IT work.