1. 01

    Machine Learning Modeling Techniques

    This comprehensive course, allows the experienced database developer to launch their career into Machine Learning Modeling for Data Science. From an Introduction to Machine Learning to actual Utilization of Clustering Techniques. This course will provide you the foundation to step into a Data Science role upon immediate completion. The topics invole, Regression, Time Series, Change Point Analysis, Dynamic Time Warping, Hypothesis Testing and more.

  2. 02

    Pragmatic Machine Learning for Data Science

    A complimentary course to the Machine Learning Modeling Techniques primer. This is a deep dive into supervised learning. Supervised Learning is an important component of all kinds of methodologies, from anti-money laundering, mitigating credit card fraud. The goal is to give the trainee skillset that is required to understand and interpret outputs, which is important for solving a range of data science problems.

  3. 03

    Professional Certification in Data Science

    Each graduate will receive a US Data Science Academy Certificate, which accredited by a Ph.D. Professor of Data Science at the University of North Carolina.

  4. 04

    Career Placements Services

    Upon graduation you will receive access to our strategic career placement services.

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